Outdoor Trellis:

A premium range of framed trellis panels available in size 1800 x 935 mm that can be installed as a DIY-project, or by one of our accredited installers (JHB, CT, DBN).

Our trellis panels are made from CCA-treated SA Pine and are glued & stapled for superior strength.

Available in either 32/96mm aperture, with the choice of diamond or square configuration you are are able to customise the look of the trellis within these parameters so that your chosen style will fit perfectly into your outdoor space.

Caring for your Outdoor Trellis

To maintain the appearance of your trellis and ensure that it will remain a beautiful garden feature for years to come, regular care should be given to the panels and accessories.

A suitable wood oil (formulated for outdoor application) will protect the wood from sun and moisture to ensure both durability and maintained good looks.